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Tempo: A task tracking app embedded in Google Calendar

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Ditch your sticky notes and use a tool that actually helps you get your work done.

AI Assistant

Easily add tasks with the Tempo Chrome Extension

Auto Scheduling

Automatically schedule your work so you don’t fall behind

Calendar Integration

View and edit your schedule directly in Google Calendar


Your information is secure with encryption and Google Authentication

Tempo integrates directly with your existing workflows

Use the Calendar Addon to view tasks and edit your schedule directly in Google Calendar. Use the AI powered Chrome Extension to create new tasks from any website.

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How it works


Create tasks

Seamlessly create tasks with the Tempo Chrome extension


Generate your schedule

Create a personalized schedule based on your tasks, events, and preferences


Interact directly on Google Calendar

Never forget to update your tasks and schedule using the Calendar sidebar

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Effortless time blocking with our novel scheduling algorithm

Traditional time blocking is beneficial but time consuming. With Tempo, your schedule updates automatically, so you can focus on getting tasks done.

Incorporates user preferences
Allows locking tasks into time blocks
Syncs with Google Calendar automatically

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About Us

Tempo is fantastic! I am lazy when it comes to adding tasks to my calendar, but Tempo makes it so easy to plan my day!

Kishan Patel

My Google Calendar is always jam-packed with prior commitments. The Tempo scheduling algorithm conveniently moves tasks around as new events come up.

Annette Lee
The Juilliard School

Tempo makes it easy to add new tasks with their AI assistant. I can scroll through Canvas and quickly add new tasks.

Mofeed Nagib
Yale University

When I went for my study abroad, I was able to easily change my timezone and schedule settings. Tempo helped me juggle my classes and internship simultaneously.

Amay Tewari
London School of Economics

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